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“I need help.” That simple combination of three words can feel painful to many of us, as if we were peeling off armor we’d spent years-and-years wearing. Most of us have been taught asking for help is a sign of weakness; society often romanticizes “lone wolves” and says that’s the way we should all strive to be. Reality is: no matter who you are or how you were raised, we all need help at some point in our lives.

Some people are open to asking for help. Some may cry and beg for help. But many of us hold our pain in for years. But time will always show our cracks. Cracks are not a sign of weakness nor a flaw, but that of living and expressing life. Cracks show us room where we can build, grow, and strengthen ourselves. Cracks are an opportunity for personal growth to become something stronger, better, and far more beautiful.

Outwardly displaying one’s inner pain through body language, even reaching out one’s hand, or openly crying in public may be seen as a sign of weakness by a large majority of society, but it is actually a few seconds of strength and potentially the start of a journey toward complete wellness. Just remember, it is easy to do or say nothing, other than hold in pain. It doesn’t require nearly as much strength as saying, “I need help.”

Written by Jeremiah Alberico Director – Criminal Justice Diversion


24/7 Crisis Line

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