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Is your brain holding you back? The Brain Factor, brought to you by Meridian, where hope, recovery, and wellness has been possible since 1971, is a lighthearted informal podcast that explores, how real people maintain or become resilient through evidence based techniques that increase protective factors. We share stories, tips, skills, and laughs through conversation, occasionally with subject matter experts. Don’t let your brain hold you back. Episodes drop once a month on the second Wednesday of the month, to help you get through hump day, and are always less than 30 minutes, because we know you are busy.

Episode 18: The One About Fun at Work The Brain Factor

On this episode of The Brain Factor, Joy and Laura talk about having fun at work while still following the rules at home school, and work.
  1. Episode 18: The One About Fun at Work
  2. Episode 17: The One About New Year, New You
  3. Episode 16: The One About the Hustle and Bustle
  4. Episode 15: The One About Your Head
  5. The One About the Money

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