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About the Recovery Center

Located in Lake City, the Recovery Center is an 18-bed substance use residential treatment facility for adolescents – ages 13 to 17. This program is six months in duration, and admission is based on ASAM Residential Level II criteria. The program offers counseling and supportive services, education, medical service, and a structured environment that stresses developing healthy coping and problem-solving skills to deal with family or personal life problems designed to increase post-discharge resiliency.

Recovery Center Treatment

Treatment follows the 12 Step Model, Motivation Enhancement and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. School attendance is mandatory through the Columbia County School System, with a GED option with parent approval and “credit recovery” assistance for those who have fallen severely behind. The Recovery Center also houses a Respite Center providing short term support for parents and caregivers.


24/7 Crisis Line

Local (North Central Florida):
(352) 374-5600
option 1
Toll Free:
1 (800) 330-5615