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About the Homeless Recovery Services Team

The Homeless Recovery Services Team works with clients who have experienced homelessness due to mental illness and/or substance use disorder. Working with this team of clinicians, care coordinators, SOAR and employment specialists, medical providers, and peer specialists, a client is able to understand the root cause of their homelessness and develop tools to support their recovery.

Learn how $5 can provide prescribed medication to the recently homeless so they can continue their road to recovery!

Homeless Recovery Services do not provide housing, but does work to connect clients to local resources in order to obtain affordable housing.

Clients have opportunities to improve their income potential through the team’s partnerships with SOAR and other employment specialists, while enhancing interpersonal habits through Community Engagement Outings, which include: trail walks, art workshops, gardening classes, and volunteer opportunities, just to name a few.

Clients who work with Homeless Recovery Services team members develop the attitudes and skills needed to maintain independent living. Some of the skills clients learn are: understanding a lease and their rights as tenants, budgeting, communicating with landlords and neighbors effectively, self-advocacy skills, and accessing community resources.

“If it wasn’t for this team, I probably would have died alone on the streets” and “I would still be at the CSU if I didn’t have my team.”

– Client Graduate

24/7 Crisis Line

Local (North Central Florida):
(352) 374-5600
option 1
Toll Free:
1 (800) 330-5615