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Prevention Programs

At Meridian, we strongly encourage parental involvement as an essential part of improving the well-being and behavior of children. Prevention programs such as All Stars and Guiding Good Choices are designed to be delivered prior to the onset of high-risk behavior.

These programs are intended to reduce the risk of developing behavioral health problems; such as, underage alcohol consumption or the abuse of drugs, legal or illegal.

Meridian offers these programs at no cost to families. Participants may be eligible for recognition and prizes upon successful completion of each program.

All Stars

All Stars is an interactive program designed to prevent the onset of high-risk behavior such as violence, premature sexual activity and the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among youth aged 9-15. Learn more about the All Stars program.

Guiding Good Choices

This program teaches parents with children aged 9-14 useful skills in preventing substance abuse and other problem-causing behaviors. Learn more about the Guiding Good Choices program.

HIV Prevention & Outreach

This program provides early intervention services to people exhibiting at-risk behaviors, which could lead to seropositive (does have antibodies) status. Learn more about the HIV Prevention & Outreach program.

Mental Health First Aid

Similar to First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for medical emergencies, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) trains participants to identify and respond to potential mental illness or substance use disorders until appropriate professional help can arrive. Learn more about the MHFA program.


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