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“I Am Meridian” Recipient – 2021-22

Michelle Lisk, Director of Performance Management

Michelle Lisk consistently goes above and beyond her normal job duties.  In June, Meridian had a CCBHC attestation due for the CCBHC grant that required us to demonstrate compliance with over 100 standards. This document was due June 15th, the same time our CARF survey was planned. Michelle prepared this 28 page attestation document flawlessly. Our CCBHC Government Program Officer at SAMHSA was so impressed with this document that she just asked if we would grant permission for her to provide this nationally as an example of best practice for CCBHC attestations. Michelle also coordinated a successful CARF survey at the same time! Michelle is such an asset to Meridian and a true Rock Star!

Michelle’s work consistently exceeds expectations and has been recognized as such by DCF and SAMHSA.


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