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We Deserve Healthier Communities

Every day, mental illness and substance use disorders affect thousands of people across Florida. Sadly, affordable treatment of mental illness and addictions is not within everyone’s reach. Community-based services for mental illnesses and substance use disorders are a critical part of our statewide health care system. The time for better funding is now, not after an emergency has occurred.

Become a Legislative Advocate

Sometimes, as clients and loved ones gain strength in recovery, they want to take an active role helping others facing similar issues. Becoming an advocate can help people feel useful and find their own strength. It also helps others to identify with others who have mental health conditions and substance use disorders. Talk with your doctor and members of your or your loved one’s recovery team and Meridian Advancement staff to decide which activities may be good for you, including:
  • Become a member of the local chapter of NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness.
  • Joining a support group.
  • Training to become a peer-to-peer or family-to-family educator.
  • Educating our lawmakers about mental illnesses or substance use disorders.
  • Offering your opinion on specific legislation.
Help reduce stigma. Educate friends, family, and other people about mental health conditions, and answer any questions they might have. And don’t forget to vote. It’s important to have your voice heard!

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