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Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitative services provide long-term residential treatment, counseling, support and rehabilitation to promote recovery and our client’s successful return to the community. This level of care primarily serves those with serious substance use disorders or long-term, severe mental illnesses and offers 24-hour care.

The Rehabilitation Process

Rehabilitative clients have access to Meridian’s comprehensive care through a full range of inpatient and partial-hospitalization services and programs.

Partial hospitalization provides intensive treatment 20 hours per week for men and women with addictions or co-occurring addictions and mental illness. Patients learn the disease concept of addictions, relapse-prevention and to address family and social issues. An emphasis is placed on utilizing group therapy, medication assistance and community resources needed to ensure successful re-integration into the community.

Clients are strongly encouraged to transition from full inpatient and partial hospitalization care into one of our outpatient treatment programs upon completion of rehabilitative care.

In-Patient Rehabilitation

Mothers Intensive Support Treatment (MIST)

MIST is a program for substance-using pregnant and postpartum women in the Bridge House where they can nurse their child in a drug free environment. Learn more about MIST.

The Sid Martin Bridge House

A 44-bed residential substance abuse treatment program in Gainesville offering 28-90 days of service. Clients are required to attend recovery meetings, and they focus on healthy physical and psychological beings. Learn more about the Bridge House.

The Recovery Center

Located in Lake City, the Recovery Center is an 18-bed substance abuse residential treatment facility for adolescent males ages 13 to 17. The Recovery Center program is six months in duration and admission is based on ASAM Residential Level II criteria. Learn more about the Recovery Center program here.

Substance Abuse PICC Program

Meridian’s Substance Abuse PICC Program (SAPP) is a diversion program that allows for patients in hospitals who have a history of IV drug use and a current severe infection that requires antibiotics through a PICC line to come to this specialized unit for services. Learn more about SAPP here.


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