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What Are Our Outpatient Services?

Outpatient services provide treatment and support for adults and children affected by trauma, behavioral issues, mental illnesses, addictions and co-occurring disorders within the same seamless system to support sustained recovery for those who have experienced severe or chronic illness.

Meridian provides evidence-based treatments for depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD and trauma-related behavioral problems. Services begin with an assessment to understand your unique concerns and establish a diagnosis that leads to a custom treatment plan targeting the gains you want to make and that includes outpatient and any other services of level of care you might need. When you choose Meridian, our dedicated team will help you achieve your wellness goals.

Psychiatric Services

Meridian psychiatric services assist those for whom medication and coordinated care are critical to symptom relief and greater functioning. Learn more about our Psychiatric Services.


Adult Outpatient Counseling provides services to adults with behavioral or emotional problems, or a longer term mental illness, which is affecting the ability to function effectively. Learn more about our Counseling options.

Group Therapy

Groups can be based on experiences common to group members or a particular disorder, but these groups help individuals talk about their problems. Learn more about Group Therapy options.

Case Management

Case Management is available to adults and children with serious mental illness whose needs include coordination of care relating to health and social services.  Learn more about our Case Management services.

Rehabilitation Services

Participants develop highly individualized recovery plans that target those skills and areas of functioning that are barriers to resuming a full life in the community. Learn more about our Rehabilitation Services.

Homeless Recovery Services

The Homeless Recovery Services Team works with clients who have experienced homelessness due to mental illness and/or substance abuse.

Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment services are designed to help clients transition to work as part of a coordinated rehabilitative program. Talk to your care coordinator for additional information about this service. Learn more about our Supported Employees Services.

Challenges Ropes Course

Ropes programming features a variety of ground-based and high rope-based team building activities as part of a comprehensive treatment and recreation plan. Learn more here about our team-building Challenges Ropes Course.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

If a treatment requires medication, we have several programs that can help. Learn more about our Medication-Assisted Treatment options.

Child & Family Services

The Center for Building Healthy Families encompasses therapeutic services delivered to children and their families. Learn more about our Child & Family Services.

Primary Care Clinic

As a Primary Care patient, you have an alternative to emergency room treatment for their chronic conditions with providers who know you by name and understand your unique needs. Learn more about our Primary Care Clinic.

Forensic Services

The Meridian Forensic Team is a multidisciplinary, multi-agency group of professionals whose primary goal is to prevent and divert potential participants from involvement with the criminal justice system, extensive incarcerations and/or commitment to forensic state hospitals. Learn more about our Forensic Services.


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