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September is National Recovery Month. For the past 27 years, September has been a celebration of achievements of the millions of Americans who are in recovery from mental and substance use disorders. At Meridian, we’re kicking off our involvement in Recovery Month by hosting the Steps To Wellness- First Annual Luncheon, today at 11:30 a.m. at the Sweetwater Branch Inn. Proceeds from this sold-out event will benefit The Lodge at Meridian.Steps to Wellness Logo The Lodge is a temporary housing facility for clients who are currently being treated at Meridian and lack a safe and stable place to stay as they receive their mental health and rehabilitation services. By offering convenient, no-cost housing to patients, Meridian is able to alleviate a significant burden for some of the most vulnerable members of the population we serve. The Lodge has provided thousands of bed days to Meridian clients since we purchased it nearly five years ago. In the 2015 – 2016 fiscal year alone, we provided free housing to 60 of our clients for a total of 2,733 bed days, an average of 46 days of lodging per client. Those days of accommodation are so much more than just another service Meridian offers. Rather, they represent a span of time where clients—specifically, clients who would not have otherwise had access to our programs due to the cost of housing—were empowered make choices that would permanently better their lives. We have only begun to tap into the potential The Lodge has to offer. The facility has 20 overnight rooms; seven have been renovated and are currently in use and 13 are in need of renovation. Today, we’re going to celebrate recovery by taking steps to utilize this resource to its fullest. We hope to raise $17,000 at our Steps To Wellness fundraiser, roughly the amount it would take to completely renovate and furnish Room 2117. You can help us meet that goal from the comfort of your own home. Please consider clicking here to donate to Meridian. Indicate “Steps to Wellness” in the remarks field.

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