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Meridian Behavioral Healthcare Inc., has officially opened its doors at their new Primary Healthcare Clinic. Over the past few years Meridian has been working hard to offer clients a holistic approach to their healthcare. With the completion of the renovation to the old Human Resources space, the New Primary Healthcare Clinic has taken shape and is open for business, taking Meridian one step closer to providing coordinated care to their mental health clients. Last year, Meridian treated almost 18,000 patients in North Central Florida. More than 7,000 of those patients (40%) had no primary healthcare physician and had not seen a primary care doctor in a year or more. Many of Meridian’s mental health and addiction clients have diabetes and coronary heart disease—two
of the most common conditions in primary care. These individuals are less likely to make lifestyle changes and adhere to medication regimens. The Primary Healthcare Clinic at Meridian will impact the way clients receive care and treat their everyday health. President and CEO, Dr. Maggie Labarta stated, “I am very excited that a project long in the planning and meeting a great community need is finally coming to fruition. Meridian’s Primary Healthcare Clinic is linked to care coordinators and through our community’s Health Information Exchange – “My Health Story” will be able to share information across a patient’s multiple providers, making us a health home for those we see at the clinic.” Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts to make this vision a reality! IMG_1143

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