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Thousands of Florida families are affected by mental illness and substance abuse each year. These families deserve access to affordable, community-based treatment services. Sadly, Florida nationally ranks 49th in mental health spending and 35th in substance abuse spending. The economic crisis in Florida has caused funding cuts, revenue losses and forced community mental health and substance abuse agencies to slash budgets and cut back on programs and services. We must protect Florida families and prevent further losses. Your support will help: • Educate legislators about the need for mental health and substance abuse programs. • Build strong relationships with legislative leaders locally and in Tallahassee. • Cultivate support to positively impact behavioral health funding decisions. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW Thank you for your continued involvement, commitment and contributions to help protect Florida’s most vulnerable citizens. For additional information about the ABC campaign, visit or call 850-224-6048.   ltrhdBANNER052013 Action for Behavioral Health Care (ABC) is a way for you to play an active role in securing the future of mental health and substance abuse services and to allow your voice to be heard. ABC collects funds to aid advocacy efforts; increase the prominence of the behavioral health industry and help win key political battles in Florida. Now, more than ever, we need your personal involvement and support. Take a stand for our success and help us save our system.

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