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Legislative Update – Creating a Health Home at Meridian

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Dear friends and advocates,shutterstock_98056694 The legislative session is over and we were able to secure the funding for our Health Home! While the Governor vetoed the funds we requested to renovate and equip a space for the primary care clinic, Meridian will still receive funds to staff and operate a clinic. As a result, our patients with serious mental illnesses and addictions who are not receiving adequate healthcare will be able receive truly integrated care – in a setting that understands their unique needs and ensures coordination of all their health needs. We will combine this project with Care Coordination pilots from other sources and expand this essential service. We want to thank all our advocates for letting legislators know how important this project is. We also want to thank Representative Perry and Senator Bradley who sponsored the project. We will keep you posted as the project gets up and running! Sincerely, Maggie Labarta, PhD President/CEO  

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