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We are all living in a state of uncertainty. What is next month going to look like? Next week? When is everything going to go back to “normal?” This unprecedented event has taken each and every one of our lives and thrown them into uncharted territory. For most of us, our day-to-day routines look completely different than they did just a few short weeks ago. Parents are having to act as teachers. Students are learning through computer screens. People are working from home or may not be working at all. Our favorite malls, salons, stores, restaurants are closed. We can’t socialize the way we normally do. To try and tackle the uncertainty of the world’s current state, more and more “How-To” articles, blogs, and social media posts are being shared.
  • How to Workout at Home
  • How to Make a Quarantine Routine
  • How to Be a Better Parent
  • How to Make the Most Out of This Pandemic
There is so much pressure to create an organized routine, to be a perfect parent/teacher/cook/spouse, to live as productively as possible. Please know that it’s OK. It’s OK if you order take out instead of cooking. It’s OK if you watch your favorite Netflix show all day instead of running errands or doing laundry. It’s OK if you don’t start a consistent at-home workout routine. Instead of succumbing to the pressures around you, use this time to take care of yourself. If that means finally watching some of the movies or shows you haven’t had a chance to watch before, do it! Don’t feel obligated to start projects, hobbies, or habits because you feel that’s what you should do. Do what will make YOU the happiest, healthiest, and most relaxed during a time where many things are out of our control. It’s OK. Written by: Mallory Rubek, Coordinator – Mental Health First Aid

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