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Google ‘increase in mental health issues due to covid’ and a seemingly endless list from numerous sources appears.  Experts agree that COVID-19 is certainly complicating mental illnesses and addictions. 

In a recent WUFT article, Alan Paulin, LCSW, a senior vice president at Meridian Behavioral Healthcare stated, “people are under pressure,” he noted that some people may be affected by the pandemic for years after it ends. A “mental health fallout” is coming, he added.

Mom and child with tablet in a counseling session

Healthcare providers have been challenged this year to find new ways to treat patients. Telehealth is one good answer to delivering care during social distancing. In the past few months, Meridian has experienced an increase of 500% in the use of Telehealth for easy access to care. 

Telehealth is available, for individual and family mental health and/or substance use therapy, assessment, counseling, psychiatric evaluation, and medication management, through smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Meridian’s supporters are creating connections for clients who qualify by providing a device and the necessary data to participate in Telehealth.

Who thought the pandemic would still be a significant issue at the end of the year? 

Woman considering life in the pandemic

Here we are in November, and not only has the pandemic persisted in applying pressure, but mental health will be further complicated for those who experience feelings of sadness and/or loss during this time. Also for others who are isolated from loved ones that they would normally spend the holidays with, and those who may be struggling, financially, due to the pandemic.

No one should struggle alone.  Through the end of December 2020, Meridian will share an outcome-focused storytelling campaign that aims to raise the voices of those who struggle with mental illness and/or addiction, 100 Voices of Mental Health. Fellow community members and those who suffer have lent their voices to tell these stories. They want everyone to know that no one should struggle alone.  

Turn up the sound to hear this :19 second journey to recovery

Help Spread the Word:

  • Include 3 friends in a social media post and tell them that you believe that no one should struggle alone.
  • Help tell the world that mental health is important by sharing our stories or your own and ask others to do the same.
  • Share positive comments:
    • No one should struggle alone
    • Someone cares about you
    • You don’t always have to be okay
    • Asking for help is good

Why you should help:

  • You want someone you are connected to you to know that you care.
  • You want to help someone who might be struggling.
  • You will be raising awareness of the importance of getting help.
  • You could save someone’s life without even knowing that they needed help.

How to get help:

In North Central Florida, call Meridian at 352-374-5600 or 800-330-5615, select option 1.  Or visit Meridian to use this simple 3-Minute Self-Assessment for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to help make the decision to take the first step to wellness.

800-950- NAMI (6264) NAMI HelpLine

800-273-TALK (8255) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

For more stories visit: 100 Voices Playlist, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


24/7 Crisis Line

Local (North Central Florida):
(352) 374-5600
option 1
Toll Free:
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